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Are You Currently A Patient?

Are You Currently A Patient?

November 25, 2019

Ketamine For Depression Near Roy, Utah

Therapy Reset

This year has seen FDA approval of a drug that’s made ketamine the most revolutionary new depression treatment in over thirty years. That’s big news, and it couldn’t come sooner in an age where depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Patients have been crying out for change and, finally, a treatment has emerged that could offer just that.

Widely used as both an anesthetic and a street drug, ketamine is a tranquilizer that can cause hallucinogenic experiences when taken in large doses. Known as K, Special K, and Ket in street settings, medical experts have been considering potential benefits since the drug’s widespread approval in 1970.

While unregulated street doses deserve the terrible reputation they receive, low dosage ketamine can bring a host of benefits to treatments moving forward, and the medical world is finally realizing it!

Therapy Reset for Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Therapy Reset is proud to be a frontrunner in the introduction of ketamine for depression in Utah. With a gold standard of care, our ketamine infusion therapy has already changed lives, and it could change yours.

With forty years of experience, we understand the importance of tailoring treatment to each case, which is why we’ll work with you from the moment you contact us about our depression treatments.

We offer a no-obligation, free consultation to each of our patients so that we can gather medical history and pose a tailored treatment plan based on your depression and experiences. Most commonly, treatments involve a minimum of six 90-minute infusion sessions across six weeks.

We also understand that depression treatment can be an emotionally painful experience, which is why we offer private rooms for every infusion, complete with comfortable seating, continual monitoring, and the latest IV technology.

While side effects such as a dream-like state can occur, our relaxed therapy setting can keep negative implications to a minimum, while you enjoy the life-changing benefits of long-term ketamine infusion therapy. To guarantee you get the most from your treatment term, we also offer follow-up services that monitor progress and help you to adjust to the full range of benefits that ketamine infusion therapy provides.

But, how can ketamine treat depression?

As a new drug on the market, and one that’s got a lousy street reputation, many patients are skeptical about how ketamine can treat depression. But, as recent FDA approvals show, ketamine most definitely deserves its place.

To understand how ketamine infusion therapy works, it’s first crucial to understand that ketamine operates very differently from traditional antidepressants. While existing drugs focus on targeting neurotransmitters, research shows that ketamine instead targets glutamate, which can lead to synapse changes. Ketamine treatments effectively ‘reset’ your brain by rebuilding damaged neural pathways, thus achieving ‘neuroplasticity,’ which can either reduce or altogether eliminate symptoms of depression and other similar conditions.

While treatment terms must be completed before full benefits are evident, this method has the power to provide lasting solutions to even resistant cases of depression. Of course, ketamine infusion therapy is most effective when paired with traditional counseling solutions, but there’s no denying the treatment benefits on offer.

Ketamine infusion injections prove especially beneficial to patients thanks to immediate effects that can lead to increased feelings of relaxation after as little as one session. After completing an entire course, you could even do away with depression once and for all!

Roy, Utah

Utah makes for some fantastic family living, and Roy in Weber County is no exception to that rule. The current population of 38,595 enjoys beautiful homes, close-knit communities, and an ever-growing economy. All with astoundingly low house prices that are well worth taking advantage of!

Made official back in 1894 thanks to the naming of a local post office, Roy has long been a favorite among Utah families with young kids, leading to a median age of around 30.5, which is pretty low as it goes!

At just 32 miles by car to Salt Lake City, Roy also enjoys some pretty impressive links to nearby locations, meaning that even residents of this relatively small town have easy access to everything they could need. That said, Roy has a fair few locations worth visiting of its own, including Hill Aerospace Museum, the George E. Wallhen Park, and the iconic Waterfall Canyon Trail.

Despite lower than average house prices, most Roy residents enjoy a higher median average income than most of the country’s population. As well as fantastic job opportunities in Roy itself, easy commutes to Salt Lake City and Ogden mean that many residents commute to make this bustling community the up-and-coming location that it is today.

Start your ketamine infusion journey at Therapy Reset today

If you’ve been struggling with resistant depression for longer than you can remember, then it’s past time you turned to ketamine infusion therapy from Therapy Reset. We have over 40 years of experience, which guarantees that we’re able to offer ketamine for depression, Utah that you can really trust.

As well as a gold standard in care, we work hard to put our patients at the heart of everything we do. From the moment you book a free consultation with a trusted member of our team, believe that you’re on the right track to ketamine infusion you can trust. As well as offering therapy itself, we understand that compassion plays a vital part in this journey. As such, we’ll listen to your needs and worries every single step of the way. We’ll even provide therapy during evenings and weekends if you’re struggling!

Of course, we understand that even weekend sessions don’t help when it comes to your finances. That’s why we also help you to develop a ketamine infusion budget that you can stick to. Our team will even point you towards financial resources if you need them.

We genuinely believe that everyone should have access to the life-changing benefits of ketamine for depression in Utah and beyond. If you’re fed up of fighting depression without help, then contact us on (385) 626-6027 to change your life today.

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