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Are You Currently A Patient?

Are You Currently A Patient?

November 14, 2019

Ketamine For Depression in Utah

Therapy Reset

Depression is one of the most widespread chronic conditions and is the third leading cause of disability worldwide. Over the last twenty years, researchers have been looking for why the disease develops and whether there’s anything that can reduce symptoms. Ketamines for depression in Utah have become increasingly popular as a way of fighting the disease, particularly when traditional treatments have proven ineffective.

What Is Ketamine? 

Ketamine, technically speaking, is a tranquilizer. However, it has garnered a bad reputation over the years for being a club drug – something that people take while out at raves.

Ketamine, however, could be a breakthrough depression treatment in Utah. The reason for this is how it interacts with the brain. Researchers now believe that the drug can change the structure of nerve cells, changing how people feel for the better.

Ketamine has gone by a variety of names historically, including Special K. These terms, however, are unhelpful, because they associate the drug with recreational activities, which is a mistake. While ketamine has had that role, it’s prevented research into the drug. Its other properties are only now being discovered. Ketamine may help people living with depression in Utah in profound ways.

How Ketamine Therapy Works At Therapy Reset

Ketamine treatment for depression is a powerful tool that you can try to reduce the symptoms of chronic depression.

At Therapy Reset, we use a particular treatment protocol designed to target your depression and reduce symptoms.

First, we consult with you about your situation. We speak about your depression and the problems that it is causing in your life. We provide a sympathetic listening ear, allowing you to talk more about the issues concerning you. During the consultation, we’ll talk to you about the process of ketamine infusion therapy for depression, what you can expect, how much ketamine treatment costs in Utah, and much, much more.

Once you decide you want to go ahead, it’s time to begin the sessions. At Therapy Reset, we prefer to administer ketamine intravenously. This method, in our experience, is the most reliable and controllable compared to, say, oral administration. With ketamine injections for depression, we release small doses of the drug into your bloodstream, providing the incentive that your body needs to heal.

Ketamine sessions typically last around 90 minutes. Some patients take the attitude that they should try one session and see if it makes a difference. At Therapy Reset, however, we recommend against this strategy. Many people do not experience the real benefits of ketamine therapy until after several sessions.

Our ketamine treatment for depression protocol typically means one session per week for six weeks. This program gives the body and brain sufficient time to adjust, helping you to feel better.

The ketamine treatment for depression you get with us is different from that provided by other clinics in Utah. We take patient confidentiality and privacy very seriously. You want to receive ketamine therapy in private. You don’t want to receive an infusion for depression in a public ward. That’s why all our patients get private rooms at our facility, allowing them to experience the benefits of the drug without having to do so in public. Your battle with depression isn’t something that needs to play out in public.

Ketamine Therapy for depression can have some side effects. Most patients feel better after the first session, although we must emphasize that you need to complete a full course to experience lasting change in your condition. Other patients can also experience side effects, like nausea, the feeling of floating, and blurred vision. You may also enter a kind of dream-like state where your troubles feel as if they have temporarily left you behind.

It should be noted that ketamine therapy is not a magic bullet. It’s still essential for people in Utah to get professional therapy and counseling services to help manage symptoms of depression. However, it can be a great adjunct therapy for getting you out of a rut, if you find yourself unable to function properly with your condition.

How Ketamine Can Treat Depression

Ketamine could be one of the most significant breakthroughs in the treatment of depression in recent times. Researchers are beginning to discover not only that it has enormous effectiveness in the clinic, but that there are novel mechanisms of action that make it unique.

The way that the chemical works is not yet known, but researchers are beginning to get a better sense of why it might be so beneficial for patients in Utah with depression.

Ketamine was developed initially as a kind of anesthetic in the 1960s, designed to help war wound victims arriving at hospitals following the Vietnam war. Medics discovered that if they administered ketamine at low doses, it could conquer pain, leading people to need fewer sedatives and morphine after surgery – always a good thing.

Ketamines, however, got a bad rap outside of the clinic when people began to misuse them. Before long, they’d become a street drug, discouraging research and putting advancements in science on hold.

The story of ketamine, however, didn’t end there. Researchers began to wonder whether the pain-relieving effects of the drug would carry over to depression too. If ketamine injections could reduce the need for morphine, then perhaps they could reduce the need for antidepressants. After all, pain is pain, whether physical or psychological.

The results from several studies indicated than when people receive ketamine infusion therapy for depression under supervision, they can see a reduction in their symptoms in just a few hours. What’s more, some research found that upwards of 85 percent of people experienced lasting benefits from treatment. Even people with severe depression and suicidality responded well.

The FDA is yet to approve ketamine therapy for depression, but that hasn’t prevented our clinic in Utah from implementing safe protocols. Many commentators believe that the authorities will give the green light for ketamine therapy in cases of depression in the next five years. Until then, it’s up to innovators in the field, like us, to trial treatments and develop safe procedures.

Okay, that’s all great, but how does ketamine therapy work exactly?

Ketamine Therapy for depression appears to work in a fundamentally different way from, say, regular antidepressants. Regular drugs take their effect as their levels build up in the brain. They replace chemical messengers that might be lacking or reduce those that might be in excess, altering mood.

Ketamine isn’t like this. It’s a bit more akin to exercise: you start to experience the effects after the initial shock. With exercise, your muscles grow following resistance training. With ketamine therapy, your brain structures change after exposure.

Medical researchers think that ketamine therapy might be able to ease symptoms of depression because of the way that it acts on specific structures in the brain. By promoting the growth of connections in the brain, ketamine therapy can induce a profound change in psychology, helping to rebuild areas of the brain that might be lacking in patients with depression. Ketamine, therefore, is the stimulation that the brain needs to heal. It’s a great example of the concept of hormesis: mild stress that causes the body to grow back stronger. Something similar might be happening in the brains of people with depression following ketamine treatment.

Most patients feel a sense of relaxation during ketamine infusion sessions in UT. Severely depressed people also appear to benefit – and these are typically those patients who are most challenging to help.

The most effective way to administer ketamine for depression seems to be intravenously, which is why we use this technique at Therapy Reset. Again, the reasons for this aren’t entirely clear, but it probably has to do with the purity of the chemical in the bloodstream and the ability to carefully adjust doses.

The science of ketamine use is, therefore, developing. Many recent studies in animals suggest that it might be able to induce beneficial brain alterations that improve mood. Researchers, however, still need to conduct large scale studies in humans before the medical community as a whole starts using ketamine therapy for people.

According to a 2019 review of the state of the literature on ketamine therapy, there are two main conclusions that practitioners can draw. First, ketamine injections for depression are safe when administered at low doses in clinical settings, and second, the effects of therapy appear to last over the period of clinical observation, usually two weeks. Researchers, however, need to continue investigating the long-term impacts to confirm ketamine’s role in alleviating symptoms of major depression.


About The State of Utah 

Utah is the 45th state of the US and one of the most varied in the country, home to Salt Lake and the city named after it. It is also known as the State of Deseret, a nickname that is a reference to its original name.

Utah is a favorite adventuring destination, thanks to its spectacular scenery, towering landscapes, and snow-packed mountains in the winter. People from all over the country visit Utah for winter sports in the cold months, and outdoor hiking and biking in the summer.

Utah is home to five national parks, including the famous Zion, which was established all the way back in 1919. But the state isn’t solely about the outdoor attractions. It’s also a great place to go to a concert or see a musical. You can also go on sightseeing tours if you’re visiting, taking you to all the most important historical locations.

Utah is also famous for hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics in and around Salt Lake City. The town provided the perfect backdrop and setting for a host of ski events that thrilled audiences all over the world. Today the area continues to expand, with Salt Lake City having one of the highest quality of life scores of anywhere in the world.

About Therapy Reset

At Therapy Reset, we believe in helping people with ketamine treatment for depression in Utah safely and effectively.

We, therefore, take several approaches to ensure that all our patients receive the highest possible quality of care.

First, we make it simple for people to pay for ketamine treatment. The cost of ketamine therapy can be high at some practices, but we work hard to ensure that we operate with high efficiency, bringing the price down. We also offer a range of finance packages, allowing patients to spread the cost of treatment over several months.

Second, we get to know our patients first to determine the best course of depression treatment in Utah. Approaches to deal with depression should be multifaceted. While ketamine is essential, it’s also vital that patients receive a sympathetic listening ear and plenty of support throughout the process. Our expert team is here to help, offering patients the professional care that they need when using ketamine for depression, UT.

Getting ketamine treatment is a personal medical decision, something that you should have the right to keep private. At Therapy Reset, we put in place several strategies to ensure full confidentiality for those receiving treatment. Our private rooms enable you to get the ketamine injections for depression that you need, without having to do so in the public eye.

Therapy Reset offers a high level of expertise to all the patients in our care. Our trained clinicians have more than forty years of experience between them, providing up-to-date advice on the latest in ketamine therapy. We always stay up to date on the latest treatments.

Finally, and most importantly of all, we offer a compassionate service that understands your struggle with depression. Get in touch with us today to arrange your free consultation and find out how ketamine therapy could help you improve symptoms of depression in Utah.

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