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Are You Currently A Patient?

Are You Currently A Patient?

November 10, 2019

Ketamine Therapy Near West Haven Utah

Therapy Reset

If you’re interested in ketamine therapy, then the chances are you have a lot of questions. This is still a relatively new treatment, after all, and negative ketamine connotations might put you off delving in. Fear not, because we’re here to help you answer all the questions you might have about whether ketamine therapy is right for you.

What is ketamine?

While most of us know ketamine as a hallucinogenic street drug, this anesthetic started life in the 1960s as a safe medical replacement for PCP, and has been used as a mild sedative and painkiller in hospitals since. Now though, with the medical world finally paying ketamine the attention it’s due, we’re realizing that its health benefits don’t end there.

While addiction and potentially confusing side effects are common with high doses of street ketamine, medical-grade administration is an entirely different matter. With low doses, patients can bypass addiction and enjoy improvements to a range of conditions.

How can ketamine treatment help you?

Ketamine has proven effective for treating various psychological and physical conditions, including –

  • Chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • OCD

It achieves this by inciting a mental state that allows the drug to both resets and rewires your neural pathways. This can help to rid you of damaged or unhealthy connections and thus makes for a healthier brain, and a happier you.

Ketamine therapy is working so well, in fact, that patients are already enjoying 85% success rates, with many finding they’re better able to move on from past trauma or move past long-lasting pain.

What to expect from ketamine treatment at Therapy Reset

Here at Therapy Reset near West Haven, Utah, we’re at the forefront of those benefits with our ketamine infusion therapy. Administered according to patient needs, our treatment plans typically span six sessions spaced as much as six weeks apart. Each session lasts an average of 90 minutes and is conducted using advanced IV technologies. For patient ease, each treatment session takes place in a private room, complete with lounge chairs for ultimate comfort.

Before your treatment begins, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation, where we’ll take the time to understand your medical history and your current situation. We’ll then work with you to ensure treatments that make you comfortable at all times.

Arriving for treatment relaxed is best, as this can help you to avoid less pleasant side effects like dizziness and nausea. While you may experience a slightly dream-like state throughout the administration, our experienced team will be on hand with vital sign monitoring throughout to ensure your safety and happiness at every stage of the process. In the majority of cases, six sessions with us should be enough for long-lasting benefits you can enjoy.

How much does ketamine cost?

New forms of therapy can be expensive, especially when most medical insurers won’t cover the costs. Luckily, there’s no reason for ketamine therapy to cost you the earth with our affordable treatments. We’ll get to know your financial situation straight away to ensure we’re only ever offering treatments that fit within your budget. Where necessary, we’ll point you towards financing options that allow you to spread treatment costs to suit you. We also offer a range of discounts to ensure ketamine treatments are accessible to all, including discounts for –

  • Military
  • First responders
  • Medical providers


West Haven, Utah

Set in the rocky mountains of Weber County, West Haven in Utah has a current population of around 13,532, a number that’s soon set to rise due to ongoing efforts towards economic development. Bordered by Ogden, Roy, Hooper, and Marriott-Slaterville, this relatively small city has some good connections. In fact, the iconic Salt Lake City itself is a mere 35 miles away.

West Haven has a fair few known sights of interest to its name, including the 2.4 mile Waterfall Canyon Trail, which offers some stunning views and several trails for exploration. The city also enjoys plenty of events worth seeing, including a variety of family-friendly options every single year.

West Haven has also earned its place as the seventh-best place to raise a family in Weber County, with 72% of residents opting to buy rather than rent. Employment rates are particularly high here, especially in the wake of the economic development already mentioned. Families also find this location beneficial for its facilities, including schools, top-quality healthcare, and an active town center.

Why choose Therapy Reset for your ketamine treatment?

At Therapy Reset, we offer gold standard ketamine infusion therapy across West Haven and various other top Utah locations. With over forty years of experience, our team forever goes above and beyond to ensure each patient receives the ideal ketamine treatment.

This is something you can enjoy the moment you contact us, with a free consultation that comes with absolutely no strings attached. If you like what you hear during this initial meeting, then we’ll start working with you to develop the best possible ketamine infusion therapy you could hope for.

We stand apart from all other providers of ketamine treatment because we put patients at the heart of every single thing we do. Our expert team approach each case on a one-off basis and listen compassionately to every individual need a patient expresses. We then tailor our approach, affordability, and more to suit your situation down to the ground. We even offer weekend sessions if that’s all you can make time for!

We believe that ketamine therapy really can change lives, and that’s a belief we’ve already seen into reality with various teen and adult patients alike. Even in the case of seemingly unresponsive health problems, we’ve been able to make progress where others have failed.

As though our gentle and tailored approach weren’t enough, we also offer a referral network with the best therapists in Utah for long-term treatment solutions that can help you to get the absolute most from your ketamine sessions.

If you’re keen to experience these benefits and more, then don’t hesitate to contact us on (385) 626-6027 or [email protected].

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