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Are You Currently A Patient?

Are You Currently A Patient?

November 6, 2019

Ketamine Therapy Near Roy Utah

Therapy Reset

What Is Ketamine?

If you have heard of ketamine, It’s likely that you’ve heard of ketamine in the context of its history as a club drug (Special K). It’s an anesthetic drug and has been used to treat both animals and people over the years. While it has a history of being misused, with the right guidance ketamine can help to ease pain – especially in lower doses. It helps sedatives to work and it can help those who need it use fewer addictive painkillers, such as morphine.

As a club drug, ketamine altered sight and sound, causing hallucinations and making people feel spaced out from their surroundings. Outside of a clinic setting, ketamine can be dangerous. However, with the right help and advice, it can be a miracle for those suffering with severe depression. It’s previously been known as a horse tranquilizer used by veterinarians, and it’s one of the essential medicines according to the World Health Organization. With its use as a painkiller, ketamine is known as an effective drug for chronic pain disorders. It’s also a breakthrough drug for depression, PTSD and anxiety, too.

As part of a treatment program that is regulated and carefully monitored, ketamine is a safe drug to use. It has the potential to be addictive, but as part of ketamine infusion therapy, it is unlikely. Patients are monitored very carefully and they take low doses of the drug, monitored in a medical setting. There are strict protocols to ensure safe delivery and results are recorded to make adjustments as necessary.

Therapy Reset: How Ketamine Therapy Works

At Therapy Reset, our process is not a complicated one. Ketamine is intravenously administered to patients, meaning that it is fed through a line in the vein. In small doses, ketamine is passed through, with the session itself lasting around 90 minutes. For most patients, ketamine infusion occurs in six doses over up to six weeks. Treatment occurs once or twice a week and it can help some to have further treatment every few weeks after the first dose. It’s a treatment that works due to its long-lasting effects. Patients are awake and responsive during the treatment and it’s not administered in doses that are enough to put patients to sleep. Patients will feel good after treatment, but not high or hallucinogenic.

One simple infusion can make patients feel better for several days, and it’s a preferred pain relief option when in a treatment program, extending the effects over several weeks. Most patients experience the first two treatments before they have a “resistance phase” where their symptoms return. Around treatment five or six is when they can break through their symptoms and have relief that lasts for a longer time. Most antidepressants take a few weeks before they begin to work, but ketamine takes effect on the depression as it leaves the body.

How Much Does Ketamine Therapy Cost?

It’s the biggest consideration for patients looking for help and Therapy Reset offers competitive pricing with fees that are inclusive of all necessities during treatment. Discounts are available for military personnel and first responders, as well as discounts for medical providers. For more information on pricing, the best thing that you can do is contact our office. All of our costs are case-by-case.

About Roy, Utah

A city in Weber County, Utah, Roy is right along Interstate 15. It’s part of the Ogden-Clearfield Metropolitan area and it is the least expensive city in Utah. Until the 1940s, business was limited in Roy with only a couple of grocery stores, a cafe and a lumber yard as part of the modest business district. Today, Roy has tons of businesses and services and was designated as the fastest growing city in Weber County. Now, there is a thriving business area, as well as sewer, gas and electrical systems right alongside the water systems. Roy has a large museum containing memorabilia from the town and this was built in 1993.

You can find Roy on the Wasatch Front, which means that in the spring and fall, there is a bit of rain. However, most of the precipitation in Roy comes from the snow in the winter, when the temperatures drop well below zero. In the summer, Roy enjoys scorching summer sunshine, with July being the hottest month. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and parks in Roy for families everywhere to enjoy, and it’s home to a lot of young professionals and families.

Why Choose Therapy Reset

When you are looking for ketamine therapy near Roy, Utah, you need look no further than Therapy Reset. It may be the best therapy for you if you are looking for a way to feel healthy again without the drugs program from your regular physician. You could already have tried every treatment that there is to try and have run out of room to try anything else. Either way, ketamine therapy could be the one thing that you need that resets your brain. We understand how ketamine could work to help with the symptoms of depression, OCD and PTSD, and with our intravenous treatments, you could be on your way to feeling much better.

We work together as a team, with our experienced and empathetic staff ready to answer any and all questions that you may have. At Therapy Reset, we hold over forty years of combined experience, and we will always ensure that you receive the best care possible. Our consultations are free for ketamine therapy, and we are confident that you will be impressed with our up to date knowledge that allows us to provide effective treatment to patients. If you need financial help or advice about the costs of our treatment, let our friendly team know and we can work with you to find the best and most affordable option for your needs.

Get in touch with Therapy Reset to find out more about how ketamine therapy can help you.

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November 6, 2019


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