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Are You Currently A Patient?

Are You Currently A Patient?

October 17, 2019

3 Facts About Ketamine: Treatment For Anxiety And Depression In Utah

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3 Facts about Ketamine: 

Treatment for Anxiety and Depression in Utah

Overwhelming anxiety. Persistent depression. Inability to focus. Fear of failure. Do you suffer from any of these feelings? Does this sound like someone in your family or circle of friends?

Anxiety and depression can affect a person periodically, or every hour of every day. It can be caused by stress, mental illness, genetics, trauma, or a combination of factors. Regardless of the cause, anxiety, and depression affects individuals and families in Utah. According to the National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI), 1 in 5 adults suffers from mental illness each year.¹ The Utah Department of Health reports that 15.9 percent of Utah adults had seven or more days of poor mental health per month in 2014.² 

Many experiencing depression and anxiety seek help from therapists or take antidepressants to get relief. But what happens if the antidepressants don’t work? Ketamine infusion therapy may provide a real solution. Therapy Reset in Ogden, Utah provides ketamine treatment and is successfully treating patients in SLC, Brigham City, Ogden, Layton, Syracuse, Clinton, Brigham City, Morgan, Logan, Wyoming, Idaho, and surrounding areas.

What is ketamine and how does it work to treat anxiety and depression?

#1:  Ketamine repairs neural pathways that can become damaged when people experience anxiety, depression, pain, and stress. It works by blocking glutamine receptors in the brain that can become over-activated. Ketamine infusion therapy can be used to treat many neurological conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and suicidal thoughts.

#2:  Ketamine is a safe, synthetic compound that has been used as a pain relief drug for more than 50 years. It is one of the World Health Organization’s most essential medications. Although not FDA approved, ketamine is effective in many patients when given in a carefully monitored medical setting under strict protocols to ensure safe delivery.

#3:  Ketamine infusion therapy has an industry-wide 85 percent success rate among patients. People who have found other medications and therapies ineffective may find success with ketamine therapy.

Go to for more information about ketamine infusion therapy, or visit our office in Ogden, Utah to schedule a free consultation with our licensed doctors.


² Utah State Health Assessment 2016

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October 17, 2019


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